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Windows network USB storage data theft monitoring application protects confidential information due to unofficial use of USB devices and alert to you by playing sound beep when any storage drive including flash drive, thumb drive, memory stick, mp3 Player, digital camera connect at client machine in local area network. USB controller application is helpful for all types of large, medium and small business enterprises, public organizations, private companies and internet cafe etc. LAN USB drive activity monitoring software keep tracks of USB connection and capture information about mass storage manufactures name, IP address, storage capacity, plug-in and plug-out status of the USB storage media, unique hardware id and transfer data from any client PC in Local Area Network. Windows network Anti data-theft software is a windows compatible software and smoothly runs on all windows operating system including windows 98, ME, NT, 2000, Server 2003, XP, Vista operating system. Windows network USB drive blocking tool works even if User has intentionally unplugged the network cable from client computer machine.

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